Democrats Learn a Lesson on School Safety in Virginia

The Alexandria, Va., public school system learned a quick lesson in cause and effect: Fewer cops means more crime.

In May, driven by concerns of the "school to prison pipeline," the lawmakers voted to remove police from Alexandria's public schools. Last week, local lawmakers convened an emergency session and voted to reinstate armed school resource officers, at least until the end of the year, after a student brought a loaded gun into Alexandria City High School.

Those who attended the city council meeting to debate bringing back the cops on campus recounted horrifying stories. One student shared a video of her brother getting beaten in the middle of the school day. He ended up in the hospital and is now scared to return to class.

"He said that he's actually really scared to die," the student said of her brother. "He's thought about even bringing pepper spray in school because he just feels that it's a need."


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