Sidekicks emerge for a 2024 Trump ticket that could reshape Republican Party
Former President Donald Trump is barely out of the White House, let alone declaring he will actually run for a second term. Read More.
Report: Andrew Cuomo Aides Rewrote Report to Hide 2,800+ Nursing Home Deaths
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s aides rewrote a report from state health officials to hide 9,250 Chinese coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Read More.
National Guard Presence On Capitol Hill Sparks Bipartisan Calls For Answers
Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) is among several members of Congress who are demanding answers on increased security measures at the Capitol. What was supposed to be a temporary stay of National Guard troops and other reinforcements after January 6 seems to be more permanent. Read More.
Analyst: Taiwan needs U.S. help to fend off China
The day Chinese supreme leader Xi Jinping decides the People's Liberation Army (PLA) can win a war to conquer Taiwan, "that is when his war will begin," a China analyst noted. Read More.
Congress on Track to Recreate 1970s Welfare Policies
The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill would recreate the 1970s-era welfare system by offering $120 billion in cash payments to parents who do not even try to work, say senators and critics. Read More.
After Neera Tanden's defeat, Republicans set sights on HHS nominee Becerra
Conservative group Heritage Action for America launching ad campaign targeting West Virginia, Arizona Read More.
Why Deadnaming Matters
When we allow the other side to the set the terms of discussion, and police ourselves to conform to them, the battle is already lost. Read More.
Uighur details atrocities in China’s ‘re-education camps’
A Chinese Uighur who has political refugee status in France has described the atrocities she and more than a million of her people have suffered at the hands of communist China in Xinjiang "re-education camps." Read More.
Father of Former Marine Imprisoned in Venezuela Pleads With Biden For Safe Return
Matthew John Heath has allegedly been tortured by Maduro regime Read More.
Biden’s DHS Secy. Claims ‘No Crisis’ At U.S.-Mexico Border Despite Migrant Surge
Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary appears to be bluffing about the latest migrant crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border as the administration continues to dismantle President Trump’s strong immigration policies. Read More.
Biden White House not releasing virtual visitor logs as watchdogs call for transparency
The Biden administration will not release White House virtual visitor logs, Fox News has confirmed, as watchdog organizations call on President Biden to do so in the name of transparency. Read More.
NYT Haberman: Cuomo’s Apology Is ‘Breathtaking’ — He Knows He’s in ‘Real Trouble’
New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman said Monday on CNN’s “New Day” that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) apology after a second former aide accuse him of sexual harassment was “breathtaking.” ​​​​​​​ Read More.

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