'Trans' terrorist to receive taxpayer funded sex change surgery
Convicted terrorist Cristina Iglesias mailed fake anthrax and said "I hope to see to it you people die a slow and painful death!!! Read More.
AOC refuses to say whether she would support Biden in 2024: 'we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it'
"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it" Ocasio-Cortez replied when State of the Union's Dana Bash asked the congresswoman if she'd back his 2024 run. Read More.
Trump says Jan 6 'represented the greatest movement in the history of our country to Make America Great Again'
"January 6th was not simply a protest, it represented the greatest movement in the history of our Country to Make America Great again," Trump wrote. Read More.
Girl bullied out of school by classmates for saying 'biological sex exists' speaks out
"I'm not speaking in pursuit of a petty vendetta but to a much larger issue that affects teachers and students alike," she said. Read More.
Strzok claims ignorance of FBI mistakes in launching Alfa-Bank investigation
Peter Strzok claimed ignorance of the FBI’s mistakes in the opening of an investigation into discredited Alfa-Bank claims in 2016, as the fired bureau agent renewed his criticism of special counsel John Durham’s investigation into the Trump-Russia investigators.  Read More.
80% cite inflation as top issue -- and Biden gets 28% approval
Joe Biden’s approval ratings for his handling of these key issues are all well underwater, suggesting trouble for the president and Democratic candidates ahead of the midterm. Read More.
Wyoming official SLAMS Biden administration for tying school lunch program to gender ideology
Schroeder said it is "astounding that our federal government could become so cynical as to tie the school lunches of little kids to its ever-relentless agenda of social engineering." Read More.
New York City runs ad campaign 'empowering' heroin users
The ad, which was spotted on a New York City subway reads, "Don’t be ashamed you are using, be empowered that you are using safely." Read More.
Red Tsunami update: Cook Political Report shifts forecast in favor of Republicans
The midterm outlook for House Democrats is so bleak that even members in districts President Biden won by 10 to 15 points are in danger of losing their seats, according to election experts. Read More.
Joe Rogan Warns Against Confiscation
Podcaster Joe Rogan has come out against attempts to confiscate guns in the aftermath of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, arguing that criminals will be the only ones left with firearms. Read More.
AOC claims 'white supremacy' is to blame for 'domestic terrorism' after Uvalde shooting
"Young women are not doing this. Young non-binary people are not doing this. Trans people are not doing this. This is an issue that we have. And young men are being radicalized right now," she said. Read More.
Schumer waves the bloody shirt for Democrat votes
Schumer: Vote Democrats in Midterms If You Support Gun Control Read More.
Biden to sign police reform executive order on two-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder
Biden's executive order on police tactics comes on the two-year anniversary of George Floyd's murder, and during a massive crime surge after many cities defunded their police departments Read More.
Drag Story Hour continues taxpayer-funded programming in NYC schools, libraries
Drag Queens funded with taxpayer dollars dress up and read to children in libraries, schools, parks and green spaces all over town and in every borough. Read More.

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