REPORT: Judge Behind Mar A Lago Raid Is Epstein-Linked, Obama Donor.

Judge Bruce Reinhart – who is reportedly the most likely judge behind the warrant authorizing a raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago estate – is a former attorney who represented employees of convicted sex offender and notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, The National Pulse can reveal.

The National Pulse can also reveal that Judge Reinhart has donated to the campaigns of former President Barack Obama and to the establishment opponents of Donald J. Trump during the 2016 election, including Jeb Bush.

Politico – the news outlet closest linked to the establishment in Washington, D.C. – named Reinhart in their morning playbook e-mail on Tuesday, 9th August 2022:

WHO SIGNED THE WARRANT? — A “source said FBI agents obtained a search warrant from a federal magistrate judge in West Palm Beach,” report the Miami Herald’s Alex Roarty, Michael Wilner and Jay Weaver. According to its website, the West Palm Beach location of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has three Magistrates: Judge BRUCE REINHART, Judge WILLIAM MATTHEWMAN and Judge RYON MCCABE. The court’s online database shows two recent warrant applications, both assigned to Reinhart, were entered into its system on Monday, though information about the targets of those warrants is sealed.
Jeffrey Epstein Mug Shot by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department is licensed under Wiki Commons Public Domain