Poll: Only 37 Percent of Voters Want Joe Biden to Run in 2024

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 04/26/2022
Only 37 percent of voters want Biden to run in 2024, while 63 percent of voters said they did not want the 80-year-old Biden to run for a second term. Broken down by party, 66% of Democrats thought Biden should run, and 14% of Republicans and 27% of Independents agreed. Biden’s overall approval rating is just 33 percent.

If the 2024 Democrat presidential primary was held today, only 37 would vote for Biden. In contrast, Donald Trump would earn 58 percent of the Republican vote if the GOP primary were held today.

In a head-to-head potential matchup, Trump would defeat Biden. Forty-five percent of voters would vote for Trump, while just 43 percent would vote for Biden. A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll on Friday also showed Trump with a two-point lead.

Trump has constantly polled better than Biden in potential 2024 matchup surveys. Polls here, here, and here, reveal Biden losing to Trump in a head-to-head potential rematch. In fact, an April poll revealed Trump is leading Biden by at least five points.
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