Georgia Governor Candidate Vernon Jones Embarrasses Fake News Reporter on Election Fraud Audit

Pro-Trump Georgia gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones schooled a fake news reporter on the election fraud audit that is likely to come to the state in the weeks to come.

“Private money is private money. They can do what they want. Have they broken the law?” Jones asked the fake news reporter questioning him in a hostile manner.

“I did not say that,” the female reporter responded in a scared, weak tone.

“Have they broken the law on who’s funding what? Have they broken the law?” he responded.

The frail pathetic woman did not have the courage to answer Jones so he continued relentlessly in his pursuit of the truth.

“Ma’am, I’m just asking. Have private investors who are investing in this, have they broken the law?” he asked.

“Did they break the law? All I’m asking is – I want to be very respectful – here’s my question: When you mentioned who’s funding this audit, and you said private people including OAN, right?” Jones told the reporter.
“And the audit has not been cleared,” she interjected.

“But whoever’s funding it, if is it private dollars, is that illegal?” Jones asked.

“If private money is paying for a public audit, I don’t know if that breaks any laws or not,” she responded.

“If private money is paying for a public audit?” Jones asked incredulously. “Ok, I’m going to take the next question.”

The embarrassing display for the fake news reporter can be seen here: