Biden Shifting Away From ‘Bidenomics’ Talk as Public Remains Skeptical on Economy

A word once a badge of honor for President Joe Biden might have turned into a political liability. "Bidenomics," a term used to describe his economic doctrine, is being used less, and the press is beginning to take notice.

In recent weeks, President Biden has refrained from uttering "Bidenomics." It has been absent in nearly all of his public appearances this month, from his prepared remarks in Colorado, where he touted the Inflation Reduction Act, to his speeches at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in California.

The last time President Biden touted the term was in a Nov. 1 speech in Minnesota, where he mentioned it four times and compared it to the American Dream.

"Folks, Bidenomics is just another way of saying 'the American Dream,'" President Biden said then.

But it has not entirely disappeared. Instead, President Biden's re-election campaign has used the "Bidenomics" branding in subtler forms. During the Colorado event, there were signs with the label. The term is also inserted into the title of President Biden's events or speeches. His team has used it in social media messages.

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